Sunday, 19 November 2017

Sunday card sketch club....

Happy Sunday everyone I hope you'll having a fantastic weekend. Sunday means sketch club and this week the members of Stampin' For All had my favourite topic to create to and drink.

Inspired by the card I made after my team meet last week using the Half Full stamp set I asked them all to create a project with that theme. And here is what they came up with . Fantastic as always I am sure you will agree each one is different and inspiring. Thank you to everyone who took the time to submit a project and thanks to all who come on over to look. 

enjoy the rest of your weekend happy stamping xxx Amanda

Created by Marcela Calvo fantastic stamped back ground using easy trucks.

Beautiful card by Gez Carpenter using the Half full stamp set.

A lovely creation by Victoria Littlewood love the wine glass background.

This was my card made earlier in the week and used as an idea for the food and drink theme.

Beautiful Eclipse card from Carol Ann Pendleton.

Great coffee theme card from Valerie Litten.

Another fantastic creation from Victoria Littlewood using coffee cafe.

Another stunning entry from carol Ann Pendleton, super talented lady.

Friday, 17 November 2017

Tie bows easily in seconds... by hand....

I love bows ... but they are my nemisis ! I struggle to tie a decent one without the need for a bow maker. I often try and get frustrated and just faff about for what seems like centuries and still end up with a bow which looks like I tied it with my feet.

So I got super excited last week when I came across a video by fellow UK demonstrator Pin... know in the SU world as Queen Pip. It was a revelation and I feel I am not both physically and mentally equipped to tie bows as and when I please.

No more will I paddy and shot at myself in frustration and I want to make sure you to can avoid your own mental melt downs when tying those pesky bows.

So I did a real quick under four minutes ... amazing for me .... video for you to follow along to very clear and very concise. I have left the link to Pip's video in my description box if you want to see the organ grinder as well as the monkey as it were. 

So grab a brew .. get comfy and enjoy the video ...and happy bow making xxxx Amanda


Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Christmas crafts mini wired ribbon bows in minutes

So sometimes crafty projects aren't huge .... sometimes we just need the tiny details. Bows and tying bows is often difficult for many and can be a crafters nightmare. Well here is an easy solution.

Wire edge ribbon hold its self still while you manipulate and tie it making your job a whole lot easier. I created these mini wired ribbon bows in next to no time and didn't even actually tie the ribbon in a bow.

Rather the ribbon is manipulated into shape then simply tied off in the middle with bakers twine. Rather like how florists make bows using floristry wire... who has time to fiddle about getting in knots? This is an easy solution.

I do have a super quick YouTube tutorial for you to follow along to grab a brew and some ribbon ... get comfy and enjoy the video.... 

Happy bow making xxxx Amanda


Product List

Introducing the Stamparatus from Stampin' Up!

Super excited to share with you Stampin' Up! latest innovative design ...the Stamparatus. A brand new exclusive and uniquely designed stampin positional tool.

This stampin tool has so many benefits and features its just outstanding. Created in collaboration with Stampin' Up! demonstrators designers came up with this amazing tool. Get perfect stamping results every time, stamp multiple images at once, create a huge number of cards at one all the with ease, use any width of paper, unique click and remove plates, was of stamping to those with hand problems .... the list goes on.

Available to reserve from the 16th of November , there are several slots for reserving and this is the only way to get the tool until the middle of next year. So be sure and reserve yours by visiting my web shop on the 16th and clicking the reserve link. Money will not be taken until the tool is ready to ship. What a fantastic way to avoid disappointment with back orders.

For fantastic full demonstration of the Stamparatus please with this official Stampin' Up! video .... so quickly grab a brew... get comfy and enjoy the video ... happy stamping xxx Amanda